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Community Is The Best Place to Find Valuable Innovation

Peter Diamandis, best-selling author and founder of the X-Prize and Singularity University, says that between the years 2022 and 2026 we will see more change in our society that all of the 20 century industrial age. How do we keep up with the accelerated growth in social and technological innovations in our personal development, organizations, and business ventures?

The Problem:

In the nineteenth century, in the midst of the industrial revolution, hierarchy provided the best foundation for success. This is no longer the case. 

Creative ideas are the ultimate resource in a rapidly changing technological culture and an ever-growing information-based economy. Yet our current educational system does little to nourish this resource.

The ID3A Jam is a method of rapidly crowdsourcing ideas and solutions through a design thinking process that accelerates innovation:

It does this by engaging participants in a fun, engaging, and collaborative process.

In addition, it is an efficient way of getting a lot of feedback and ideas from diverse views and perspectives from the market or community you  serve.

Why an ID3A Jam?

Community Engagement

Connecting the community brings greater benefits than just the data. Bringing different groups together creates new opportunities for partnerships, networking opportunities, and friendships.

Real-Time Feedback

By bringing people together, we can gather real-time feedback on the station topics. Trends and emotional connections can be used to determine which ideas will gain traction.

We intentionally connected with the various groups that were represented at the event.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

Getting high-quality quantitative data is an important facet of the ID3A Jam outcomes.

The data can be used to inform everything from where the community is spending its time to the language and stories that connect with different community subgroups.

Who the ID3A Jam works for

Businesses & Corporations
Economic Development Corporations
Nonprofits & Foundations

Transformation isn't a destination, it's a process

The ID3A Jam Experiences

Transparent Ideation

A great method and structure for breaking down silos and bringing together cross-discipline ideation to drive.

Innovative & Interactive

Accelerates innovation through a rapid design thinking process while building stronger teams/ communities by generating a positive cultural experience. 

Impactful & Efficient

An efficient way of getting a lot of feedback and ideas at one time saving you time and money while driving impact.

Solution-Based, Fundable Ideas

The ID3A Jam experience helps bring forth fundable ideas that you can invest in and solutions-based recommendations that will keep you innovative and ahead of the curve.

Actionable Intelligence

We help you understand and synthesize the data that comes out of the idea jam by cataloging the data in our relational database platform for clear and accurate comparative analysis.  

Flexible & Adaptable

The ID3A Jam Method works for product design teams, nonprofit organizations, unique and efficient data collection, and market research

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