Our Process

We believe real innovation occurs when your ideas, strategy, and purpose work in synergistic balance with your vision.

The most successful businesses and organizations understand that your vision is the driving force behind every decision your company makes. The strategic communication of this shared inspiration must deeply connect you with your community.

John Lewis

Chief Executive Officer , R3SET Enterprises

We use a three step process when working with new clients. Discovery, Creation, & Connection.      


First, we discover your context and root causes of the problems you’re trying to address and any sources of opportunity. 

Then, we create a unique solution based on your specific situation and your goals.

Next, we amplify your connection with your community and integrate the solution into your day to day practices and operations.

We tie it all together by giving you tools to continuously improve the results whether you continue to work with or without us. 

Devin Shea

Head of Innovation , R3SET Enterprises

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We invest in, develop, and test models of collaboration and innovation.

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