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Community foundations face challenges in fostering deep community connections and creating solution-driven strategies that resonate with diverse stakeholders.

Our ID3A Jam Method transforms this by facilitating in-depth conversations and generating both qualitative and quantitative data, leading to insightful and tailored community development


Non-profits often struggle with outdated data and slow, expensive strategic planning that limits community engagement.

The ID3A Jam Method revolutionizes this process by rapidly gathering community feedback and targeting funding effectively, creating community buy-in and more impactful investment.

Economic Development Organizations

Traditional strategic planning can be slow and costly for economic development organizations, making it difficult to adapt to rapid changes and engage communities effectively.

The ID3A Jam Method accelerates this process, fostering new perspectives and partnerships, and providing actionable insights for more nimble and efficient community investments.

Regional Planning Organizations

Regional planning organizations often face challenges in building trust within the communities they serve, leading to a disconnect between planning and local needs.

Our ID3A Jam Method emphasizes transparency and empowerment, facilitating community participation in creative problem-solving, and helping to design strategies that reflect the genuine needs and insights of the region.

Government & Municipalities

Local municipalities often grapple with top-down planning and a lack of real-time feedback that can hinder responsiveness and relevance.

Through the ID3A Jam Method, we engage communities directly in their own solutions, collecting real-time feedback and designing strategies that are responsive and aligned with the local community’s needs.


Purpose-driven startups are passionate about making a difference but may struggle with limited resources, lack of community trust, and the need to demonstrate tangible impact to investors and stakeholders.

By employing the ID3A Jam Method, startups can quickly and efficiently gather community insights, build trust, and create solution-based strategies that resonate with their mission, allowing them to move swiftly from vision to impact.


Benefit corporations must balance profit goals with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, often facing challenges in engaging communities and measuring true impact.

The ID3A Jam Method provides a pathway to authentic community engagement, allowing benefit corporations to align their strategies with community needs and values, ensuring that investments are both profitable and socially responsible.

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